Mad #564 (Rebecca Bonanan) - All Jaffee Issue - August 2020

After 60+ years of great art and writing, MAD has paid tribute to 99-year-old Al Jaffee with a dedicated issue as he retires.  It is not really all Jaffee content.  It is mostly reprints.  But, there are 15 pages of original content.  Some of the articles were created by other artists & writers.  But, the Jaffee style is the theme of every article.  The best article is Jaffee's Fold-In drawn in 2014.  Following are the items of new content.  [JAM 6/11/2020]


Front Cover: Jaffee examines Alfred E. Neuman's brain

06  Mad's Amazing Two-in-One Products (Terrible Twins Dept.)

10  A Mad Look at  ... Al Jaffee (Serge-In General Dept.)

18  A Mad Guide to Self Improvement (DI(Why) Makeover Dept.)

25  One Size Fits Al: A Mad Catalog of Jaffee's Jeans [fake department]

26  Spy vs. Spy (Joke And Dagger Dept.)

36  Cheat Your Way to Olympic Gold (Just Dupe It Dept.)

44  Fun with Unsuspecting Strangers (Solitary Refinement Dept.)

47  Trademark Graffiti (Lo(Go) Blows Dept.)

48  Snappy Answers to Existential Questions (On Your Kierkegaard Dept.)

56  Thanks, Al

Fold-In - Al Jaffee (drawn in 2014)