Mad #563 (Suzy Hutchinson) - Music Issue - June 2020

This seemed like a Woodstock 50th anniversary issue - one year late.  The cover is classic Tom Bunk but all is downhill after that.  There are 14 pages of new content here.  The best art in the issue is "Comedy Albums by Musical Artists" drawn by Wallace Wood.  Unfortunately, that art happened in 1961.  [JAM 4/22/2020]

New Content

Cover - Woodstock scene by Tom Bunk

03 TYN ad parody

06 Music Festival Life Hacks (Bleeding Ears Dept.)

07 Billy Eilish, Baby Sitter (Dun Dept.)

14 One Fine-Ass Day with Lizzo

19 The Sound of Breaking Wind: Is it Music?  [fake content]

20 Spy vs. Spy (Joke And Dagger Dept.)

36 Music Fests for Less (Rock 'N' Bankroll Dept.)

37 PopSTAR: Taylor Swift (Front Page Boos Dept.)

38 A Mad Look at ... Port-o-Potties (Serge-In General Dept.)

45 Meanwhile ... (Laugh Chance Dept.)

46 Middle School High Note: Jazz Band (A Fun Reed Dept.)

56 Letters!

Back Cover - GNUCCI ad parody