Mad #562 (Suzy Hutchinson) - First Mostly Reprint Issue - April 2020

With only 13 pages of original art, this is the saddest issue of the longest-running U.S. humor magazine of all time.  The shortness of this review matches my opinion of the issue.  Following are the pages that contain new material.  [JAM 2/20/2020]

New Content

Front Cover - 18 video screens

03 That's Advertainment! (Spawn-Con Dept.)

04 VH1 Drags Out ... Even More RuPaul Shows! (Viva Las Divas Dept.)

16 Dreadliest Carts (Hell on Wheels (Dept.)

18 Spy Vs. Spy (Joke And Dagger Dept.)

23 Meanwhile ... (Second-to-Laugh Chance Dept.)

24 The Shadow Knows (We Got Your Penumbra Dept.)

30 A Bag of Fleas' Perspective on  Fleabag [fake content]

36 Boob Tube Mash-Ups We Can't Wait to See (The Regurgitation Will Be Televised Dept.)

44 Meanwhile ,,, (Laugh Chance Dept.)

55 Letters!