Mad #56 (Albert Feldstein) - AEN For President Issue - July 1960

Fabulous, tremendous, terrific, wonderful, amazing comic strip tour-de-force by Wally Wood is the gem of this issue.  Wood displays his unparalleled talent for drawing comic characters as well as the original artist in this six-page musical parody written by Frank Jacobs.  The opera contains over 400 characters, half of which I can not name.  Many of these were featured in the "Nostalgia Dept." of issue number 30 where Wood paid tribute to "Old Comic-Strip Characters."  His love for the comics was never more evident than in the "Comic" Opera. [MADlog #13]

Bacon and eggs are angry like Dad. (page 37)

Hoke-Filled Room - Madison Avenue's Political Ad Campaigns
Five-Ring Circus - Mad's Modern Olympic Games
Don Martin - The Chiropractor; The Good Woman in Africa; The Tourist and the Italian Urchins; The Chase
Chew's Who - Mad Bubble Gum Cards
Bilking It Dry - How Publicity Works
Litter-ly Speaking - The Garbage Explosion
Song of India Ink - The Mad "Comic" Opera
Hollywood - More "Scenes We'd Like to See"
The Truth Blurts - Honest Ads
Berg's-Eye View - Patty Play Dolls
Clumsy Category - Mad's TV "Alfie" Awards
The Man in Command - U.S. Army Chicken Officer's Manual