Mad #559 (Dan Telfer) - Special Tarantino Time Warp Issue - October 2019

In this issue, Artist Tom Richmond performed triple duty with 1. The Jack Davis-style cover drawing (which was also featured in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood), 2. The Mort Drucker-style black-and-white television parody ("Lousy Law"), and then 3. The standard movie parody/documentary ("Behind the Scenes of Dizzy's The Lion King").  The opening parody, written by Andrew Secunda, is doubly special since it parodies a non-existent 1960 TV Western.  The "MAD No. 9" retro issue will be remembered as one the best ever produced.  Most of the articles are new content but reprints of the "Mad Straight Jacket ad" (with Jerry DeFuccio), a subscription ad (with Nick Meglin), a black-and-white Al Jaffee fold-in and a great back-cover ad parody ("Cadillac Jewelry") drawn by Kelly Freas add to the look of a 1960 Mad of my youth.  It is also appropriate that Mad #9 includes an excellent current TV parody ("The Monotonous Mrs. Mazel") by "retired" former staffers Charlie Kadau and Sam Viviano.  These 60 pages are filled with surprise after surprise after surprise.  My only negative comment would be that Mad artists Peter Kuper and Pete Woods failed to draw their chessboards correctly.  [JAM 8/6/2019]


01 Retro Intro

02 Hits And Missives (Letters)

03 How the West Was Overdone (Lousy Law)

08 Joke And Dagger (Spy vs. Spy)

10 Fad But True (The Lighter Side of Newfangled Living)

13 Blow Me Down (Cartoon Scenes We'd Like to See)

14 Bit O' Funny (Shorts & Briefs)

18 Defective Comics (Batman Funnies)

19 The Serge-In General (A Mad Look at Vegetarians)

23 Trolled Faithful (Snappy Internet Comments to Honest Questions)

24 Gotta Catch Sum All (Pokemon Accountant Squirtle)

26 Second-to-Laugh Chance (Meanwhile ...)

27 Zero Worship (The Wisenheim Museum: You're Rick Tulka?!?)

28 Mid-Evil (The Great Trump Bestiary)

30 I Saw Her Stand-Up There (The Monotonous Mrs. Mazel)

35 Bake And Shake (Hot Horror Planet)

36 No Fox to Give (When Disney Adds Fox to Disneyland)

38 The Ingrate Outdoors (Let's Have Fun with Family Camping Trips!)

40 Et Tu, Cutie (William Shakespeare app dater)

41 Hero Worship (If Batman Were Actually 80 Years Old)

44 Two Turds, One Groan (The Inseparable, Insufferable Couple)

45 Pros And Contagious (The MADifesto)

46 Flix Capacitor (Netflecchs)

48 [no department name] (Mad's How to Stay Safe on Summer Vacation!)

49 Hakuna Non Grata (Behind the Scenes of Dizzy's The Lion King)

54 Fashion For-Weird (Anthropologie Exit Survey)

55 Laugh Chance (Meanwhile ...)

56 Admission Submission (Real, Dumb)

Fold-In - Pollution [reprinted from Mad #111]