Mad #557 (Bill Morrison) - Al Jaffee Issue - June 2019

In 2013, the New York management of Mad censored the Al Jaffee fold-in because it was controversial ("Another Mass Shooting").  But six years later. and many more mass shootings in the USA, The Los Angeles management of the new Mad corrected the error.  There are also rumors that Editor Bill Morrison has been fired but name is still on the masthead as "VP & Executive Editor."  Thank you, Mr. Morrison for bringing back one of the best drawings by 98-year-old Mad legend, Al Jaffee.  This issue also featured a full-page devoted to "Events That Inspired Al Jaffee's Iconic Signature Part One."  [JAM 4/14/2019]


02 Awkward, Man! (Super Splash Bros. Dept.)

08 Spy vs. Spy (Joke And Dagger Dept.)

10 Let's Have Fun With Debt! (Till Debt Do Us Part Dept.)

13 Modern Gig Economist (Intellectual Poverty Dept.)

14 New Evolutionism (Darwinner's Circle Dept.)

16 Jack & Jim Gaffigan's Easy 15-Step Recipe for Avocado Toast (Guac of Shame Dept.)

18 A Mad Look at Virtual Reality (The Serge-In General Dept.)

22 Events That Inspired Al Jaffee's Iconic Signature (The Fold Standard Dept.)

23 Potrzebie Comics

24 The 27 Club

28 Shazam! Funnies

29 Lukey & Mikey

33 Flesh Tape (Made Flesh Daily Dept.)

34 Meanwhile ... (Laugh Chance Dept.)

36 A Very Fine Wall (Borderline Intelligence Dept.)

37 The Lighter Side of Fear (Fauxbia Dept.)

39 A Cinematic Masterpiece: Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of American Pie [Fake Dept.]

40 Time Travel Study Buddies (History Messin' Dept.)

41 Avenjerks: Is This Ever Gonna End-Game? (Oversized Franchise Dept.)

47 The Wisenheim Museum: Drew Friedman (I Think I Canvas Dept.)

48 Shorts & Briefs

52 Incoming! (letters)

55 The MADifesto

56 Real, Dumb

Fold-In - Mass Shooting