Mad #554 (Bill Morrison) - Special Haunted Humor Issue - December 2018

This is a horrible issue.  But, I suppose that is the point.  The publication of the issue for magazine racks in October is timed to appeal to Halloween buyers.  Not being a fan of horror humor, 56 pages of gory jokes are just too much for me.  I actually found myself looking for Trump jokes in the issue.  The best one is in "Sad New Ways to Feel Good About Yourself" by Teresa Burns Parkhurst: "I did NOT vote for a narcissistic Lunatic to be President of the United States of America!!"  Although, that is a real thing for me and 65,844,609 others.  In my mind, this is a step backwards for Bill Morrison and company after three excellent West Coast issues.  However, I am just one reader.  Good luck with those newsstand sales!  [JAM 10/4/2018]

02 Rejected Monster Cereals (High Fruct-Dose Dept.)
04 Sad New Ways to Feel Good About Yourself (Proud & Pathetic Dept.)
05 Sven, Golly, It's ... Svengoolie (The Show Must Go Wrong Dept.)
11 A Slasher Movie Scene We'd Like to See (Arterial Motive Dept.)
12 Melanie Trump Paper Doll (Be Best Dressed Dept.)
14 Cthasper, the Friendly Elder God! (Lovecraft Actually Dept.)
15 Stink Line Through Art History! (Stink Before You Speak Dept.)
18 The Ghastlygun Tinies (Alphabet of Regret Dept.)
22 A Mad Look at Dia de los Muertos
26 Spy vs. Spy (Joke And Dagger Dept.)
27 How Batshit Can Make You Crazy [fake content]
28 Mad's Tom Bunk Goes Trick-or-Treating
30 The Wisenheim Museum: Gris Grimly (Out Standing in His Field Dept.)
31 The Potrzebie of Fear
32 The Chancers
36 Spaghetti & Meatball
40 Lukey & Mukey
44 The Differences Between the Original Halloween and Halloween 2018 (What a Gore Dept.)
46 Let's Have Fun With What You Hate About Thanksgiving (Get Stuffed Dept.)
48 Shorts & Briefs
52 Incoming! (letters)
55 The MADifesto
56 Real, Dumb

Fold-In - Dental Patient