Mad #55 (Albert Feldstein) - Sid Caesar Issue - June 1960

This issue marked the return of Sid Caesar with "The Jackie Talented Show" illustrated by Wood.  Caesar had previously written for three consecutive issues: No. 47 ("The Professor Lectures on Space" with Wood), No. 48 ("For the Life of Progress Hornsby" with Drucker), and No. 49 ("Shrunk World" with Drucker). [MADlog #13]

Girl friend is from Mars. (page 44)

Accentuate the Positive - Pictures the Editors Left Out
Don Martin - The Concert; In a Greasy Spoon Diner
Honorably Mentioned - Mad Beats the TV Plug Crackdown
Hard Spell - Mad's Madison Avenue Primer
R.S.V.I.P. - The Arthur Money Party
Durham Bull - Cigarette Geography
Idiom's Delight - Literal Translations of Figurative Speech
Punch and Booty - I.B.M. Cards
Vote's My Line - Popular Politicians Magazine
Sid Caesar - The Jackie Talented Story
Berg's-Eye View - Barber Shops
Panned Parenthood - Mothers Day Cards
Poe-Etic Injustice - The "Hip" Raven