Mad #546 (John Ficarra) - Too Much Trump Issue - August 2017

I want to officially complain about the subject of recent Mad magazine covers.  There has been too much Trump.  He is not funny.  He is scary.  Please stop it.  This is the third consecutive Trump-themed issue and sixth of the last ten.  Fourteen pages of this issue are devoted to this dysfunctional human being who was elected by misinformed voted.  Stop it now!  I mean it!  [Jam 6/3/2017]

Random Acts of Mindless - The Fundalini Pages
True Grits - Mad Examines the Histories of Famous Side Dishes [fake department]
Something Hardwick-ed This Way Comes - This Wall
Uncommon Scents - What's That Smell?
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Need for Screed - Mad's Make-Your Own Anti-Trump Rant
Serge-In General - A Mad Look at Practical Jokes
Everything's Gonna Be Alt-Right - Not-Too-Brightbart
Spat's Entertainment - Enjoying Your Parents' Fights for Fun and Profit
Character Flawed - Dewey Derwin Destroys the World!
Rotten to the Encore - The Mad Vault
Pen And Stink - The Mad Strip Club
Overhaul of the Wild - New National Park Upgrades for the Modern Explorer
The Brand of Make-Believe - Mad's Celebrity Supermarket
Food for Thoughtless - Recipe Directions You Hope to Never Read
In Blog We Trust - Planet Tad!!!!!
Thou Shalt Not - A TV Ad We'll Soone See
The Doobie Brothers - The Worst Things About Marijuana
Out with the Old, In with the Neuman - The Gap-Toothed Gallery

Fold-In - Trump and Fake News