Mad #54 (Albert Feldstein) - Special April Fool Issue - April 1960

Nick Megliola served as the Mad staff member in charge of  "Ideas" (issues 31-41) until he was drafted in 1958.  He continued to receive credit in issues 42-50 as "War Correspondent", "K.P.", "Ft. Dix Jockey", "A-Year-and-a-Half-to-Go", "War Surplus", "Brand New Daddy" and "Secret Weapon".  The seven-page musical parody, illustrated by Mort Drucker, marks Megliola's return.  Megliola became "Meglin" when he again received staff credit for issue number 59.  Another Meglin (Albert) received writing credit for issue number 35.  Are Nick Megliola, Nick Meglin and Albert Meglin the same person? [MADlog #13]

Aspire polish ingredients include halavah and Moxie. (back cover)


Dollar Diplomacy - Ad Testimonials from Politicians
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One for the Bucks - How I Turned $6.85 into a Zillion
Variations on a Screen - Television Around the World
Nyets to You - The Interpreter
Roads Scholar - Educational Billboards
Berg's-Eye View - America Is Getting Soft
A Heap 'O Livin' - You Can Tell a Lot from People's Garbage
Workers of the World, Rewrite! - Distinctive Picket Lines
Shaw-Fired Plot - My Fair Ad-Man
Spatial Delivery - Mail by Missile
Thar's Gold in Them Thar Ills - Doctors' Progress
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