Mad #535 (John Ficarra) - Bunk Tower Issue - October 2015

The amazing Mr. Tomas Bunk has done it again.  His centerfold feature ("Mad's Tom Bunk Visits the Eiffel Tower") is a work of pure madness.  With King Kong & the Hunchback of Notre Dame at the top and the Mad staff at the bottom right, this tour de force is absolutely jammed with Bunkisms.  I see a Basil Wolverton beauty in the crowd and so many Eurojokes everywhere.  But, what do you expect during a croissant moon?  The other notable aspect of the issue is the excellent array of political caricatures ("Campaign Quotes That Would Be Refreshing") drawn by Ward Sutton.  The heads of Jindal, Sanders, Bush, Graham, Huckabee, Clinto, Cruz, Walker, Rubio and Paul are perfectly rendered.  Poll-leader Trump is missing but Desmond Devlin covered that campaign with the "Blow Hard with a Vengeance" poster parody on page 11 [and Carson, Sanders, Bush on pages 23, 30, 41].  Also, the strange humor of Teresa Burns Parkhurst is well-represented in "Sympathy Cards We Wish We Could Buy" and "Why It Sucks When Your Parents Are Into Renaissance Faires".  I think I would rather not receive a "So Sorry to Hear You've Lost Your Bladder Control" card.  [JAM 8/14/2015]

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Medieval-Doers - Why It Sucks When Your Parents Are Into Renaissance Faires
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French Fried - Mad's Tom Bunk Visits the Eiffel Tower
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Arroz by Any Other Name - Famous Odes to Spanish Side Dishes  [fake department]
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Snow Biz Part 4 - Still Another Mad Political Movie Poster
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
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Abandon Trope, All Ye Who Enter Here - Campaign Quotes That Would Be Refreshing
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