Mad #532 (John Ficarra) - Mike Morse Issue - April 2015

Mike Morse is a comedian and a freelance comedy writer for hire.  He has written for Jay Leno, Cracked magazine, Weekly World News, and many others.  He began to write for Mad in 2013.  His work in Mad just keeps getting better and better.  In this issue, Morse wrote "A Sneak Peek at More of the New Characters in Star Wars: The Force Awakens", "President Obama's Bucket List", "Internet Rumor Timeline", and "Few Joke Girls".  After spending many months in the Fundalini Pages, Morse has become a major contributor, filling eleven interior pages.  Morse is the first to reveal that Reince Priebus is now "in charge of deporting undocumented Wookies ..."  We also now know that President Obama wants to "land a cameo in Sharknado 3".  Internet users will be happy to learn that most of their rumors about marginal celebrities exist on a 16-hour cycle.  Finally, with much help from artist Tom Bunk, Morse summarizes all of the plot lines in the really awful television show, Two Broke Girls.  Look for the Seinfeld gang, the Mad editorial staff, J. Wellington Wimpy and Lena Dunham visiting Bunk's diner.  The best article of the issue is David Shayne's "House of Cons" drawn by Mad's greatest 21st century artist, Tom Richmond.  Shayne accurately describes the preposterous plot of the Netflix series from which I bailed after season one.  Background jokes include "M Bachman wuz here", Sean Hannity reading a script, worker eating a sub on the subway, "It's crackers to slip a rozzer the dropsy in snide" on the teleprompter, "Throwup Thursday", the "Daily Crap", and "Dick" on the cell phone.  If you have not seen House of Cards, read this parody instead.  [JAM 2/20/2015]

Random Acts of Mindless - The Fundalini Pages
Lost in Spacey - House of Cons
Thespians of the Galaxy - A Sneak Peek at More of the New Characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Berg's Eye Askew - The Darker Side of ... The Lighter Side
Stop and Smell the Moses - Mad's Scratch 'N Sniff Bible  [fake department]
Serge-In General - A Mad Look at Lego
Posts Mortem - The Worst Reviews on Yelp
Fool's Goals - President Obama's Bucket List
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Pen And Stink - The Mad Strip Club
Rotten to the Encore - The Mad Vault
The Speculation Superhighway - Internet Rumor Timeline
Planet of the Aprons - Few Joke Girls
Hysteria Repeats Itself - Star Wars Fans Then ... and Now
Our Daily Dread - The Best of the Idiotical

Fold-In - Theater