Mad #531 (John Ficarra) - Dumbest People 2014 Issue - February 2015

When a list is created, it is expected that the number one item on the list is the ultimate.  Apparently, this is not the case with the "Mad 20 Dumbest".  Roger Goodell and the football abusers (#1) are certainly not worse that Vladimir Putin (#17) who attacked a sovereign country and shot down a domestic airline.  Therefore, I have reordered the 20 dumbest (numbers in parentheses) with the Mind Snack worst of the dumbest.

1. Roger Goodell & football abusers (11)
2. Ebola Hysteria (12)
3. General Motors (3)
4. U.S. Police Departments (9)
5. Target (15)
6. President Obama (20)
7. Celebrity Booty (17)
8. U.S. Executions (2)
9. Dov Charney (10)
10. Hillary Clinton (19)
11. Washington Redskins (16)
12. Chris Christie (6)
13. CNN (13)
14. Cliven Bundy & Sean Hannity (5)
15. Rick Perry (18)
16. U.S. Secret Service (8)
17. Vladimir Putin (1)
18. Donald Sterling (14)
19. Iraq War Deniers (4)
20. U.S. VA Hospitals (7)

I suppose that Mad Magazine could not offer a Dumbest 20 list without including the sitting U.S. President.  But does President Obama really belong on the list?  He has taken decisive action on all four issues listed by the Mad staff (Rise of ISIS, Ukraine Invasion, Ebola Outbreak & Immigration Surge).  Give him a break.  The best drawing in the twenty are #4 (Norman Rockwell parody) by Richard Williams, and #19 ("Guardians of the Fallacy") by Mark Fredrickson.  [JAM 12/10/2014]

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