Mad #53 (Albert Feldstein) - Special Leap Year Issue - March 1960

Larry Siegel established himself as the best writer of movie/tv parodies by 1960.  "Alfred Hatchplot" marks the fifth consecutive issue for Siegel's parody writing credits (Horror Primer, NBC vs. CBS Baseball, The Price Is All Right, and 777 Sunset Strip).  The Mad editor recognized these superb efforts by assigning the top artists (Wood and Drucker) to illustrate his words.

Mr. E. Nelson Bridwell received writing credit for "New Movie Monsters from Madison Avenue" as drawn by Wally Wood.  This was his first contribution since issue number 40 (probably "Eccchh, Teenage Son of Thing" with Wood). [MADlog #13]

License plate is: 2BR02B [to be or nought to be]. (page 11)


What's in a Name? - Personalized Merchandising
Don Martin - Breakfast at Liggett's; Balcony Scene; Down on Wall Street
Route of All Evil - Mad's Tip on Highway Safety
It Came from Outta the Ad Space - New Movie Monsters from Madison Avenue
Red, White and Blue Jeans - If Teenagers Ran the Country
Breech of Premise - The Rifle, Man
Black-And-Blue-Blood - Mad's Society Page
Pull the Plug - Changing History for Commercial TV
Change of Heart - Valentines
Murder Will Out-Sell - Mad Goes to an Alfred Hatchplot Movie
More Power to You - Modern Sources of Untapped Energy
Runners-Up - Skiing
Light Switch - The Hazards of Illuminated Signs