Mad #525 (John Ficarra) - Dumbest People 2013 Issue - February 2014

The Republicans in Congress and their supporters deserve to be Dumbest #1 for their dysfunctional government attitude.  Artist Tom Richmond did a great job with his parody of the Animal House movie poster.  I like the concept that Abraham Lincoln would not approve of the direction his 19th century party has taken.  Other inspired members of the annual 20 are "Curious George Z.", "Dennis and the Menace" and Paula Deen starring in "Fried and Prejudice".  Herman Mejia's drawing of President Obama in "Blurred Laws" is the best ever.  Richmond is certainly the artist of the issue with the addition of Arnie Kogen's six-page television parody ("The Swallowing").  Richmond's nine caricature impressions of Kevin Bacon are priceless.  I am sure that Bacon appreciates this full Mad Treatment.  Anton Emdin's drawings for "Secrets Edward Snowden Is Still Sitting It" are excellent.  Emdin deserves to graduate from "The Fundalini Pages".  [JAM 12/16/2013]

Jackie Peterson noticed that the foam hand on page 23 has six fingers.

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