Mad #520 (John Ficarra) - Adventure Time Issue - April 2013

I watched an episode of Adventure Time with seven-year-old Shelby last year.  The drawings are terrible.  The lead characters are just one step up from stick figures.  I admit that the writers are clever but not enough to compensate for the shoddy artwork.  Chris Houghton (cover) and Anton Emdin ("The 50 Worst Things About Cartoons') did a good job with their parody drawings but how hard could it be?  Easy for me to write.  The main feature of the issues is "50 Worst Things .." which is an exercise that I might have really enjoyed 50 years ago.  But now, I do not recognize many of the cartoon characters.  The best of the 50 is the monocled Beavis & Butt-Head discussing Jane Eyre.  For me, the better article in the issue is the ad parody "Gangreens" by Jeff Kruse and Scott Bricher.  Retired Editor Nick Meglin can be found in the "Vicarious Tampons for Men" ad. [JAM 2/15/2013]

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