Mad #514 (John Ficarra) - Banana Republican Issue - April 2012

This issue was especially rough on Republicans but the parodies almost write themselves in the middle of this bizarre primary season.  Artist Scott Bricher did a great job of putting the heads of Republican icons on clothing models.  The "Slim Chance" parody of Monopoly cards was right on the money (see what I did there) with the use of clueless quotes from wealthy Mitt Romney.  Writer Jeff Kruse added the "GOP Debates" applause lines that are sadly not that far from the truth.  And, Al Jaffee finished the issue with the stiff flip-flopper who could be either Romney or Newt Gingrich.  Mike & Molly got the full Mad treatment with a Mark Fredrickson American Gothic brutal parody cover, the Arnie Kogen/Tom Richmond television parody ("Big & Bulky") and a cartoon parody on page 56.  However, the best parody of the issue was "The Soft Stool Diner" placemat by Scott Maiko.  I am not sure where this diner is but I doubt that I will be using the services of their advertisers any time soon.  [JAM 2/19/2012]

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Where Eats Meets Jest - The Soft Stool Diner Placemat
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Spine-Spine-Spine - What If Herman Cain Became a Chiropractor?  [fake department]
Hire Education - Inappropriate Questions to Ask During a Job Interview
Birth of a Combination - More Movie Mashups We'd Hate to See
Fat's Entertainment Part 2 - "Love Is ..." Special Mike & Molly Edition

Fold-In - Flip-flopper