Mad #512 (John Ficarra) - Another Zombie Issue - December 2011

Fittingly, the December issue distributed two weeks before Halloween, was filled with zombies and vampires.  Hermann Mejia drew Desmond Devlin's parody of the AMC television series, The Walking Dead.  I have never watched the show.  Zombies do not seem to have much of an acting range.  Artist Tom Richmond got the better assignment to draw the Supremes who are the real rulers of this country ("Punitive Damages: A Game of Supreme Justice").  Zombies ate most of them.  Other spooks are found in marginals and The Strip Club: "Just Below the Surface" and "It Only Hurts When I Laugh."  The best article was by veteran Mad writer Dick DeBartolo ("Recycling - it's everybody's job!").  Mr. D explains that you can get rid of those old wire hangers by taking them with you to the airport security line.  The TSA may want to have a few words with him.  I also like the "Which Panel Doesn't Belong" by S.A. Johnson and Jen Sorensen because it is just too silly.  It is hard to find good non sequitur humor these days. [JAM 10/15/2011]

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