Mad #510 (John Ficarra) - Green Lantern Issue - August 2011

The Guardians of the Universe have created hundreds of magic rings so that their chosen beings can fight evil in the cosmos.  In the Mad parody of the movie not yet released in my neighborhood, writer Desmond Devlin and artist Tom Richmond envision hundreds of green-clad aliens at superhero college.  Green Lantern Sillyfrog (Kilowog) has a Balco syringe stuck in his shoulder.  Green Lantern Abin Sur drives a Toyota spaceship with a wind-up key.  Other Green Lanterns in this Mad version bear striking resemblances to the Lucky Charms elf, Shrek, Sprout, Slimer, Kermit, Jiminy Cricket, Tick-tock the Crocodile, Philly Phanatic, Boba Fett, Oscar the Grouch, Frankenstein's Monster, Teletubby Dipsy, a green M&M, The Grinch, Gumby, Broom Hilda, an angry bird, Yoda, the Geico gecko and some others that I do not recognize.  Editor Ficarra can count on the Devlin/Richmond team but this bi-monthly issue seems to go downhill from the movie parody.  The Captain America bit drawn by Hermann Mejia was clever but we will not see this movie until the end of July.  I enjoyed the "New Monopoly Cards" written by former Mad editor Nick Meglin.  However, I could have done without "Yawn Stars" drawn over-the-top (as always) by Tom Bunk.  Why would I care about the parody of a reality show that is not allowed in my living room?  Finally, I would to thank the reliable, 90-year-old Al Jaffee for another clever fold-in to end the issue. [JAM 6/15/2011]

The fake department is "The Boxers Rebellion."

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