Mad #507 (John Ficarra) - Dumbest People 2010 Issue - February 2011

I agree that the management of British Petroleum and their subcontractors deserve to be named the #1 Dumbest for 2010.  However, there is no way that President Obama should be listed as #2.  He has worked very hard to correct the results of terrible policies of the previous administration and has been severely hampered by arcane Senate rules, an obstructive opposition party, and the hateful liars of the giant right-wing media machine.  President Obama's shortcomings are miniscule compared to Bush II who started two wars, authorized torture and almost collapsed the world economy while his cronies drained the U.S. treasury and leaked the name of a covert operative to the press.  The Tea Party idiots (#20 "Tea Titans") should have taken the second spot with wingnut Glenn Beck (#14 "Unity Rally") close behind as the media placeholder.  Look for Snuffy Smith and Mr. Burns in the Beck audience.  Other excellent members of the top 20 are "Despicable Mel" (Gibson) and "The Mosque at Ground Zero."

Desmond Devlin and Tom Richmond delivered another great movie parody with "Harry Plodder And It's Dreadful What Follows."  I agree that the movie should have been titled "Wizards Go Camping" and why didn't Herwhiny pack a space heater?  Did you notice that Alfred E. Neuman and Mickey Mouse attended the Malformed board meeting while Druckermort's snake wears a lobster bib and others read Mad and play solitaire.  Also look for Wendy the good witch, Frodo, Bambi, Batman, Harry reading "Playwitch" and a rural McDonalds.  Martha Stewart "wuz" in the dungeon and our heroes use their favorite spells to escape including "Lipitor Nexium" and "Ochocinco."

The best drawings of the issue were by Mad Art Director Sam Viviano: "Katy Perry" on page 6 and "Despicable Mel" on page 26. [JAM 12/16/2010]

"What if Mr. T Ran an Orphanage?" is listed in the table of contents but missing from page 16.

Former Mad writer, Mike Snider incorrectly predicted that Mad #506 would be the last issue.

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