Mad #504 (John Ficarra) - Bash Toyota Issue - August 2010

This is probably the best of the quarterly Mads.  And, the good news is that the Mad editor has announced on the letters page that Mad will become a bi-monthly publication starting with the next issue.

Mad jumped all over the Toyota recall problems most notably with the excellent "Toyota Story" parody by writer Desmond Devlin and artist Tom Richmond.  This double parody skewers the movie and the dysfunctional vehicle.  The addition of the "Magic 8-Ball" as lawyer at the Congressional hearing is a nice touch.  I like the toy senators (H.H. Hippo, R. Ann, S. Armstrong, B. Man, etc.).  Also joining in on the barrage are Tom Bunk ("Driver-side airbag filled with live weasels), Darren Johnson ("Rapid acceleration mechanism" for Iron Man), and the Mr. T ("cars speeding into things") tweet.

In addition to the Toyota jab, Mad found room to blast Fox News ("The A-Hole Team" featuring Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity),  and Sarah Palin twice ("More Sarah Palin Speaking Contract Demands" and "Politicians Who Tweet."  The last (maybe) Mad quarterly also featured excellent parodies of KFC ("The KFC Triple By-Pass!") by Dick DeBartolo, Amazon ("Scamazon") by Scott Maiko, and Petco ("Pestco") by Jeff Kruse that illustrates 18 new products/pets including amoeba, blue whale and a giraffe coffin.  Let us hope that Ficarra can deliver bi-monthlies with the same quality of material.  [JAM 6/11/2010]

In a strange error, the index lists "What If Don Rickles Starred in Clash of the Titans?" on page 35 but no such article exists. 

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