Mad #503 (John Ficarra) - Tiger Woods Issue - May 2010

Well, I did not expect the Mad writers to ignore the recent problems of Tiger Woods.  He is the star of three articles: "Tiger Cheat" magazine parody, the Scott Maiko pamphlet for "The Tiger Woods Mistress Mini-Golf Fun Center", and the Al Jaffee fold-in.  It's all very funny but I just want Tiger to get back on the golf course where he belongs.

I thought the Desmond Devlin/Tom Richmond parody of The Big Bang Theory was good and I enjoyed some of "The 38 Worst Things About Late Night TV!" by five Mad staffers.  However, the best of the issue was the one-page poster: "Stop the Spread of Germs!" by Dick DeBartolo and artist Gary Hallgren.  As a result of these health tips, I now carry a toilet seat with me wherever I go. [JAM 3/10/2010]

The abbreviations on the periodic table on page 17 are the initials of Mad writers and artists.

Random Acts of Mindless - The Fundalini Pages
Eventing Our Spleen - The Mad Quarterly Report
The Geekiest Link - The Big Bomb Theory
Spanx-Giving - Mad's Control-Top Hosiery Shopping Guide
Just Screw It - The Tiger Woods Mistress Mini-Golf Fun Center
Berg's-Eye Askew - The Darker Side of the Lighter Side
The Pennsylvania Dutch Oven - The Amish Space Heater
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Giving Change You Can Believe In - The Rich Rewards of a Full-Time Career as a Convenience Store Clerk
Serge-In General - A Mad Look at Avatar
Hire Education - The 9 Reasons You Can't Get a Job
The Rall of Duty - 7 Periods Closer to Death
All Hams on Desk - The 38 Worst Things About About Late Night TV
The Young and the Rustless - Mad's Iron Man 2 Outtakes
An Embarrassment of Richard's - Stop the Spread of Germs!
Pen and Stink - The Mad Strip Club
The Articles Formerly Known as Reprints - The Mad Vault
Pinch-Twitter - Steal These Tweets!

Fold-In - Tiger Woods