Mad #502 (John Ficarra) - Dumbest People 2009 Issue - January 2010

Mad again leads all magazines into the new year.  The main feature of #502 is "The Dumbest People, Events & Things of 2009."  I was happy to see Dick Cheney (#5), Glenn Beck (#13) and Sarah Palin (#18) in the top 20.  It is too bad that they did not have room for Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Karl Rove and Michele Bachmann.  The 80-year-old Mort Drucker drew the crazy, straight-jacketed Beck.  The 88-year-old Al Jaffee drew Jim Cramer as the fold-in subject of punishment by non-paper stocks.

The "Dumbest People ..." article was excellent, but I was disappointed that there were no movie or television parodies in the issue.  Since we only get one issue every three months now, a traditional parody should be part of it.  Otherwise, Mad is just devolving into a cartoon magazine.  And I really don't need three pages of repeats from 1988.  Save that stuff for the specials. [JAM 11/19/2009]

[The Spies do Rapunzel, Humpty Dumpty, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood.]

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