Mad #498 (John Ficarra) - President Obama Inauguration Issue - February 2009

To all of my "friends" at FOX News, I just want to say: GET OVER IT!  As the Hall-of-Fame dumbster leaves office, Mad Magazine recognizes the Obama administration with a Mark Fredrickson cover showing the load of crap dumped on Obama's plate.  To his credit, Mr. Obama has cleaned up most of that mess with very little help from the U.S. Congress.  Artist Tom Richmond (with help from Desmond Devlin, Jeff Kruse, Jacob Lambert, Frank Santopadre & Dennis Snee)adds the tour-de-force triple-splash-page "Mad Exposes Who's Thinking What at the Obama Inauguration" that adequately sums the 2008/2009 scenario created by our media circus.  In addition, Barry Liebmann & Ward Sutton offer "Lame Attempts by TV to Explain the 2008 Presidential Vote"; while Bill Fibbers,  Santopadre again & Drew Friedman conclude the issue with "The First 100 Minutes of the Obama Presidency".  Happy days are here again.  [JAM 12/20/2014]

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Barack Around the Clock - The First 100 Minutes of the Obama Presidency

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