Mad #497 (John Ficarra) - Dumbest People 2008 Issue - January 2009

This is the best of all of the "Dumbest" issues to date with the dumbness extending through page 43 to include the outgoing president in "The Mad 20 Hall of Fame".  His induction as the charter HoF member is certainly justified.  Mad editors also correctly identified Sarah Palin as the number one, dumbest person of the year.  She deserves a special place in the chronicles of dumbness right behind the thousands of Alaskan idiots who voted for her to be their governor.  Special artistic achievements in the issue go to sculpturists Hermann Mejia ("2008 Heistman Trophy") and Liz Lomax ("The Jesse Jackson Nutcracker"); as well as to cartoonist Gary Hallgren for "Hagee the Horrible" and "The Favre Side".  In toto, 2008 was a dumb year that will stand as the dumbest for decades to come (we should all hope).   [JAM 12/19/2014]

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