Mad #49 (Albert Feldstein) - Frank Jacobs Issue - September 1959

Frank Jacobs has been the most prolific writer for Mad.  In No. 49, he wrote "Mad Looks at Book Clubs" and "Half-Finished Billboards."  He was the only non-celebrity writer to received byline credits prior to issue No. 49.  Artists have always been the stars for a magazine that grew out of the comic book era.  Jacobs receives much of the credit for the equal billing that Mad writers finally achieved.  Since all artists and writers were given byline credits, contributors were grouped as "the usual gang of idiots" in issue No. 51.

As Kurtzman before him, Feldstein wrote many articles and provided some drawings for early issues.  Neither ever showed byline credits for their articles.  When Mad began listing contributing writers on the index, Feldstein listed his efforts under the pseudonym "Alfred E. Neuman."  Fourteen such listings appeared in Mad Nos. 29 to 49.  There was also one curious listing for "Melvin Cowznofski" as a writer for No. 45. [PSA2]

David Nelson cut Ricky's guitar strings. ("Family Magazines" - page 23)

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