Mad #488 (John "Mister Jingles" Ficarra) - Monkey Issue - April "Fool" 2008

The Macaca sylvanus and its various relatives commandeered this issue of Mad through every page except for the paid ads.  I am certain that this one was almost as difficult to write as it was to read.  The only good thing about the issue is that they could not find a way to fit Monroe into it.  Please do not try anything like this again.  [JAM 12/3/2014]

Sub-Human Resources - Meet the New Staff of Mad
(none) - The Monkey-lini Pages
Welcome to the OCD, Bitch! - MONKey
Dissing Persons - A Mad Look at Humans
(none) - The Museum of Monkey Art
All Jaffee - Snappy Answers to Stupid Human Questions
Tall Tails - Great Monkeys in American History
Don't Let the Bid Bug Bite - monkeYbaY
Joke And Banana - Spider Monkey vs. Spider Monkey
Pen And Stink - The Strip Club
Planet Mirth - 10 Things You, as a Concerned Monkey, Can Do to Save the Environment
That Was Easel - How to Draw a Monkey
Where the Style Things Are - Bananas Republic

Fold-In - Typing Monkey