Mad #485 (John Ficarra) - Dumbest People 2007 Issue - January 2008

The Bush administration garnered just three of Mad's twenty annual awards as its eight-year reign of dumb rolled into its final year.  (#2) Desmond Devlin correctly noted that George W. broke the all-time record of Ronald Reagan (1911-2004) for presidential vacation days (and during wartime as well); (#12) Jacob Lambert wrote the book parody ("Mad Libby") about the treasonous vice-presidential aide who lied to Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald in a sloppy attempt to shield the equally-treasonous Dick Cheney; and (#17) Artist Steve Smallwood illustrated the incompetence of Alberto ("Speedy") Gonzales.  It is true that the entire Mad staff hate to see their primary source of humor leave office in January 2009.  However, three-term Republican Senator Larry Craig from Idaho achieved the dubious distinction of a Mad cover (hand and wide stance) by Mark Fredrickson, and number 18 of the "dumbest".  Although Republicans and bad girls dominated the list, there was still room for two really awful football players (O.J. Simpson and Michael Vick).  OK, now let's get a new president.  [JAM 11/19/2014]

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