Mad #484 (John Ficarra) - Not So Hot Topic Issue - December 2007

The joke is on fans of the celebrity "bad girls".  The four dysfunctional females are the subject of the Richard Williams cover drawing but not worthy of a full article within the issue.  By far, the best article of the issue is the clothing catalog parody by Scott Maiko ("Not So Hot Topic").  The Self-Mutilation Generation will seemingly wear anything to complement their multiple tattoos and piercings.  Try as he did, Mr. Maiko could only barely invent outerwear and accessories that might shock your local Goth.  Items such as "suspender garters", "Big Bird pants", "cry-for-help razors" and "pierced baby bottle nipples"  would be top-selling necessities for today's anti-social youth.  Also, Writer Barry Liebmann tells the truth about our terrible political leaders in 2007 with "Are We Winning the War on Terrorism?"  Answer: nope.  [JAM 11/17/2014]

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