Mad #48 (Albert Feldstein) - Miracle Fabrics Issue - July 1959

I think I can speak for all 12-year-old boys in 1959 when I say that we are forever indebted to Mr. Bob Clarke for his drawings of stretch leotards and swimsuits on pages 46 and 47. [PSA2]

Strange cards are included in the bridge hands. ("Bridge" - page 22)

Famous Funnies - Comic Strip Heroes from Real Life
The Man Who Sinks for Himself - Skin Diving
Don Martin - The Caveman; The Old Salt; How to Play Croquet
Sid Caesar - For the Life of Progress Hornsby
Trick-Or-Cheat - Bridge
On the Sunny Side of the Sheet - The Daily Optimist
4/4 Time-And-A-Half - On-The-Job Marching Songs
A Switch in Crime - The Night Perry Masonmint Lost a Case
Confession Is Good for the Sale - Future Confession Books
And Then I Re-Wrote - How a TV Script Is Born
Summa Cum Louder - Graduation Speeches That Somebody Listened To
Honestly This Is the Best Policy - Insurance Policies for Teen-Agers
Ready-To-Swear - Miracle Fabrics