Mad #468 (John Ficarra) - T.G.I. Fried-Day's Menu Parody Issue - August 2006

I was just getting ready to complain about twenty-four (24!) full-page advertisements in this issue until I saw the excellent menu parody by Dave Croatto at the end.  This five-page article absolutely nails the obesity-enabling, restaurant-food offerings at most of the chain restaurants in this country.  I have seen every one of these menu items with names that are only slightly less ridiculous than those created by Mr. Croatto.  Here is my calorie-counter's nightmare of a meal:

"Ultimate Electric Rainbow Breezer
 The Cheese Bowl
 Pizza Supreme Salad-o Italiano
 The Widowmaker
 Chocolate Cake-Tastrophe!
 Flying Blue Magic Dog's Mega-sucky Microbrew"

This meal should give me enough "Fried-Bucks" for "grazing rights on all other tables".  [JAM 10/18/2014]

Color Pages: 67 of 68 pages (99%)
Humorous Content: 44 of 68 pages (65%)

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