Mad #46 (Albert Feldstein) - April Fool Issue - April 1959

Issue No. 46 featured the most elaborate cover joke to date.  The cover was purposely attached upside down and backwards so that Mad readers would open it and see page 48 upside down.  The "End of Mad" was actually the back cover and not the last issue as it appeared. [PSA2]

Horse and woman have identical tails and bows. ("Mad's Cut-Rate Success Symbols" - page 40)

Change for the Better - Television Roulette
Don Martin - The Suicide; On Choosing a Book; On Picking Flowers
Middle of the Roar - Authentic Sounds in Stereo
There's a Ford in Your Suture - Modern Auto Accidents
Increase the Circulation - How High-Class Mags Can Use Low-Class Photos
Have Spittoon -- Will Travel - Western Weapons of the Future
Grey Flannel Goatee - The Hip Persuaders
A Doghouse Is Not a Home - How to Train Your Master
Nuts to Vous - Mad's Phrase Book for Modern American Tourists
Pencil Point of View - Modern Architecture
High-Flown Balloons - If Famous Authors Wrote the Comics
Get Rich Cheap - Mad's Cut-Rate Success Symbols
There's No Business in Show Business - Movies Are Emptier Than Ever
Television - TV Ads We'd Like to See
The Grimm Facts - Fairy Tale Happy Endings Weren't So Happy