Mad #455 (John Ficarra) - Battyman, Begone! Issue - July 2005

This was the eighth parody of Batman to appear in Mad.  The first was "Bat Boy and Rubin!" in Mad #8 by the great Harvey Kurtzman and the equally great Wallace (Wally, Woody) Wood.  The second was a television parody ("Bats-Man") by Lou Silverstone and Mort Drucker in Mad #105.  This was followed by Duck Edwing & Don Martin in Mad #210, Henry Clark & Bob Clarke in Mad #214, Stan Hart & Mort Drucker (first "Battyman") in Mad #289, Kadau & Raiola with Sam Viviano ("Villain's Awaiting Batman's Return to TV") in Mad #298, and "Bruce Wayne's World" by Desmond Devlin & Amanda Conner.  However, Artist Tom Richmond has set the new Batman bar with his trademark double-splash page for Mr. Devlin's words.  Look for The Penguin, "Bat Snacks", gumshoe, "Acme Rubber Co.", the bat thermos, "Bat Beer", quite a few misc. bandages, the tv rope-climbing Batman, the Alf signal, light-saber, Robin, Firestone tire, "Club Abu Ghraib", "Flashback for Dummies", Jason Giambi, banana peel, smile face, "Fat Lady Rules" foam finger, "Brat" button, "W.M.D. hold for Saddam", Mickey Mouse ears, "Fear Gas", potato sack, "Bat Chow", bat shorts, Homer Simpson, "Armor All", Spider-Man, the Harry Potter gang, another smile face and DC "Batty-crap" in the seven-page article.  Mark Fredrickson drew two classic Batman covers for Mad #455.  [JAM 8/24/2014]

Color Pages: 60 of 64 pages (94%)
Humorous Content: 43 of 64 pages (67%)

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