Mad #45 (Albert Feldstein) - Valentine Issue - March 1959

Alfred E. Neuman is MADly in love. [PSA2]

Norman has a "Sailem." ("Gook Magazine" - page 44 - see also Freas back cover of Mad No. 40)

Awards - "Worsts of 1958"
Charley Horse - Body-Building and Weight-Lifting
Don Martin - Fish Story; Professor Bleent in Africa; In an Amusement Park
This Auto Kill Yuh - Mad's Guide for Novice Drivers
With a Little Bit of Puck - If Comic Strip Artists Drew Editorial Cartoons
Nothing But the Truth - The George Washington Advertising Agency
Conned by the Canned Goods - It Pays to Read the Label
Nel Blur Dipinto Di Blur - Photos of Poetry in Motion
Mirage in the Garage - Planned Obsolescence
Come into My Parlor - Tattooing Gets a Shot in the Arm
So It Won't Upset Your Stomach - TV Commercials to Match the Show
First Love - Business Valentines
Look Back in Anger - Gook Magazine