Mad #44 (Albert Feldstein) - Moxie Issue - January 1959

After being identified as the "Official Staff Refreshment" in the index of No. 43, the Mad artists took the cue and displayed the "Moxie" logo in eight different locations throughout the issue.  The issue also featured a wonderful full-color portrait (Freas) of Alfred E. Neuman's girl friend who was later named Moxie. [PSA2]

Home plate is a dish with a spoon. ("Walk -- Don't Walk Signals" - page 29)

Sneaky Prevues - Coming Attractions
Globaloney - International Advertising
Crash Program - The National Safety Council's Weekend Telethon
Crib Sheet - Junior Editions
Don Martin - In the Park; At the Seashore; Hunting in the Fields
Dribble Drivel - Basketball
The Root of All Evil - Alfred E. Neuman's Family Tree
Signals Crossed - Walk -- Don't Walk Signals
X-Missiles - Custom-Made Christmas Cards
Grid and Bear It - How to Read Graphs
Hollywood - Scenes We'd Like to See
Mind over Mattress - The Search for Sleep
Gone to Great Lengths - Next Year's Extra-Long Book Titles
Bob and Ray - Electrical Report
Working Press - Veeble People -- A "House Organ"
Seasons Greetings - A Very Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year