Mad #433 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Yu-Gi-Oh! Issue - September 2003

I have no idea what this card game is.  I pay little attention to the latest Japanese fad.  Whatever happened to Speed Racer and why won't Hello Kitty go away.  Apparently, Yu-Gi-Oh! had reached the level of a subject for an Al Jaffee Fold-In in 2003.  The Mad editors would like me to be interested in the MTV Video Music Awards but it seems like a weak subject for satire.  I would prefer a good movie parody but "Faketrix Retarded" is not it.  Hermann Mejia is an excellent artist but neither he nor writer Arnie Kogen could find much humor in the latest Keanu Reeves movie.  I did not like the first Matrix movie and therefore did not pay much attention to those that followed.  The best article of the issue was the latest "Cents-Less Coupons" parody by the Scotts Maiko and Bricher.  Bubble gum for dogs, imitation squirrel meat, dustballs & gravy, "Octosmooth" and "Shear" toilet tissue are the product parodies that I have grown to love from the minds of the Scotts.  MTV Awards, not so much.  [JAM 5/19/2014]

Color Pages: 38 of 56 pages (68%)
Humorous Content: 47 of 56 pages (84%)

Finding Neo - Faketrix Retarded
A Thug's Life - The Better Bully's Back-To-School To-Do List
Let My People Focus - Disposable Camera Bar Mitzvah Photos That Didn't Make the Album
Serge-In General - A Mad Look at The Hulk
Weapons of Mass Election - When "American-Style" Political Campaigning Catches on in Iraq
Cheat Codes of Conduct - The Gamer's Guide to Functioning in the Real World
Angster's Paradise - Monroe and .. The Big Apple Part III
All Hail Scissor - Cents-Less Coupons - Your Money-Saving Circular
It Was an Honor Just to Be Dominated - Mad's Look at Oscar-Winning Fetish Films [fake department]
An Embarrassment of Richard's - Safety Instructions for Reading Mad Magazine
A Classroom with a View - The Differences Between Hogwarts & Your School
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Diving into the Frosh Pit - How Well Will You Do Freshman Year in College? - A Mad Quiz
The U.S. Work Farce - America's 60-Hour Work Week Up Close
Who, What, Where, When, Wireless - Snippets of Cell Phone Conversations We'd Love to Hear the Rest of
Three-Bling Circus - Mad's All-Access Pass to the MTV Video Music Awards

Fold-In - Yu-Gi-Oh!