Mad #43 (Albert Feldstein) - Kelly Freas Issue - December 1958

Frank Kelly Freas received credit for art on both sides of the front cover and the back cover in this issue.  He was the first Mad artist to accomplish this feat.  After serving as second banana to Norman Mingo for several issues, Freas drew consecutive cover Nos. 40 to 59.  The cover of No. 43 was his best to date.  Alfred E. Neuman was shown as the scarecrow surrounded by 54 un-scared animals and birds. [PSA2]

Gravestone reads "Here Lies Trump", a reference to Kurtzman's post-Mad publication which lasted for two issues. ("Special Lamps for Reading Magazines" - page 29)

The Double-Play's the Thing - Mad's M.V.T.B.A. Awards
Installment Overdue - The End of Comics
Togetherness - Future Magazine Mergers
Hollywood - Scenes We'd Like to See
Don Martin - The Electricians; The End of a Perfect Day; Down Lovers' Lane
Madison and Vine - If Hollywood Directors Staged Ad Photos
Food for Thought - Pushcarts
Relax in Discomfort - Health Chairs
Hobble Them Goblins - The Mad Trick-Or-Treatment
Verse of the People - The Mad Treasury of Unknown Poetry
Light of Your "Life" - Special Lamps for Reading Magazines
Extra! Extra! - Misleading Headlines
Danny Kaye - The New Baby; The Bathtub Admiral
And Then I Wrote - Coming Musicals
Bob and Ray - Music Report
Television - Payhouse 90
Traumatic Workshop - The Smithshop
To Blazes with the Trail - Woodlore