Mad #424 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Harry Plodder and the Lamest of Sequels Issue - December 2002

Harry Potter and author J.K. Rowling received the full Mad treatment in this issue.  After the book parody in Mad #391, Mad editors sent their best team to skewer the second of soon-to-be eight all-British movies ("... and the Chamber of Secrets").  Mort Drucker drew the cover with Harry and Alf-elf; Tom Richmond drew the nine-page movie parody (with double-splasher) written by Desmond Devlin.  The Potter series is ripe for the UGOI.  Following is a partial list of the Mad-style jokes (chicken fat?) to be found in this parody.

1.  Doubledork has a slice of eye-pie.
2.  McConjugal is wearing the Hello Kitty  broach that later becomes a frown-face.
3.  One student is eating some green stuff with a face.
4.  Herwhiny is reading a book written by Carrot Top.
5.  Alfred E. Neuman is at the table across from "Drano Malformed" - aka "Bad Guy".
6.  Mr. Kool-Aid, wearing glasses, is at the professors' table.
7.  The really bad guy is named "Druckermort".
8.  Slobby the Elf is not a fan of Santa Claus.
9.  Harry has a pin-up of a witch in his bedroom.
10. The "Sphere of Sphagulus" is a Magic 8-Ball.
11. Frankenstein's monster is among the weirdos at the train station.
12. The Whomping Willow is wearing a boxing glove.
13. Bart Simpson is at the general session.
14. The walking brooms from Disney's Sorcerer's Apprentice are in the "Chamber of Secretions".
15. Casper and Beetlejuice are among the ghosts in the scene with "Nearly-Headless Schmuck".
16. Students must take a urine test before playing "Squamish".
17. A vendor is selling peanuts at the magic-wand battle between Harry and Drano.
18. "Dogs Playing Poker" is among the "Halfwits" artwork.
19. The students are using "Crapbell's Cream of Newt" soup for their "Presto Change-o Potion".
20. Spider-Man is among the talking spiders.
21. Kermit the Frog makes an appearance with "Keebler Trainee" Slobby.
22. Doubledork is in the office of Mad publisher Bill Gaines with the rubber stamps, books about "Max Korn", "Potrzebie" & "Eccch!", one copy of Mad magazine, Flip, Poiuyt, Arthur, the Mad Zeppelin and a steamer trunk that has been to "Transylvania" and "Oz".
23. Somebody has placed a "Hex Me" sign on Harry's back.
24. Author Rowling has writer's block.

This issue includes "Mad's Politically Incorrect 'Gulf Wars' Poster"  [JAM 4/7/2014]

Color Pages: 42-1/3 of 62 pages (68%)
Humorous Content: 44-2/3 of 62 pages (72%)

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