Mad #42 (Albert Feldstein) - Last Kovacs Issue - November 1958

Except for Bob & Ray, Ernie Kovacs was the most prolific celebrity writer for Mad.  His contributions, as illustrated by Wood, fit the Mad style better than the other celebrity offerings.  Kovacs was a very busy man with numerous television and movie projects.  Most of the "Strangely Believe It" jokes were written by Mr. Mike Marmer.  Kovacs just made the final edit.

Tragically, Kovacs died in an auto accident in 1962.

Directions on weather vane are A, E and N. ("Houses to Match Your Personality" - page 39)

Rush Right Out - What If You Did What They Told You on TV?
Unnecessary Roughness - Mad's 1958 Football Preview
Don Martin - A Boy, A Bird, and A Hunter; On the Bowery; The Great Bank Robbery
Ask the Man Who Parks One - Big Cars
Danny Kaye - I'm Five!
E Before I Except after Q - Not-So-Wrong Spelling Errors
A Child's Garden of Curses - 25c Mad Children's Books
Out of the Freud and into the Feiffer - Sick, Sick, Sick
Ernie Kovacs - Strangely Believe It
Let's Look at the Record - Mad Mood Music
Honorable Mention - Credits for the Common Man
Bob and Ray - Baseball Report
Frame of Mind - Houses to Match Your Personality
The Phase on the Cutting Room Floor - Scenes We Never Got to See
College Catalog - Bulletin of Alfred E. Neuman University