Mad #41 (Albert Feldstein) - Don Martin (vs. Wallace Wood) Issue

Don Martin was named "Mad's Maddest Artist" in issue No. 34.  However, I disagree.  Martin is strictly a two-dimensional artist.  There is no background humor, no Mad words and no inside jokes.  He was never really part of the Mad family and he proved it in 1987 when he defected to a second-rate competitor (Cracked).

Mad No. 41 marked the first time that Martin's art filled four departments in one issue.  His total page count through this issue was 55.  At the same time, Wally Wood had completed his 200th page in the magazine and was named "Best Comic Artist of 1957" by the National Cartoonists Society.  Many of the artists (Davis, Drucker, Wood, etc.) were "Madder" than Martin.  Feldstein did them a great disservice when he gave the title to Martin. [PSA2]

Birdie is a pelican. ("Go West, Old Format" - page 16)

Aide-De-Camp - Questions Most Asked by Camp Counselors
Throw the Book at 'Em - The Mad Primer
Don Martin - In a Haberdashery; The Chess Game; The Great Mail Robbery; In a Penny Arcade
Free-Loading - How to Put out an Imitation of Mad
Look in the Yellow Pages - Rare Old Magazines
3:10 to Yuma - Go West, Old Format
3:10 to Westport - Go East, Old Western
Lower the Pitch - Snob Appeal vs. Slob Appeal
Henry Morgan - The New, Improved, Rotten Circus
Tee and Sympathy - How to Play Golf
Help Needed - One Day's Advice Columns
Help Heeded - The Next Day's Headlines
Movies - The Wrong Lions
Two Years Before the Mess - Boating
Bob and Ray - The Count-Down Man
Around the World in Eighty Pictures - The National Osographic