Mad #40 (Albert Feldstein) - Bob Clarke Issue - July 1958

Bob Clarke was one of the first department artists hired by Feldstein.  Issue No. 40 marked the ninth consecutive issue in which Clarke had at least ten pages of illustrations.  Only Wally Wood was more prolific in the Feldstein era.  In this issue, Clarke drew Mad Trading Stamps, AEN University, Mad Summer Vacation Guide and Future Of-The-Month Clubs. [PSA2]

In a tribute to fellow artist Wolf (Will) Elder, wolfman is drawing a comic strip. ("Eccchh, Teen Age Son of Thing" - page 15)

Much Abbreviated Drivel - Initials That Describe the Name
Redeeming Feature - Mad Trading Stamps
Pass Another Napkin - Pizza Pies
Don Martin - The Paper Pickers; The Bear Hunter; A Drive in the Country
Boy Meets Ghoul - Eccchh, Teen-Age Son of Thing
Television - TV Scenes We'd Like to See
Ernie Kovacs - Strangely Believe It
Student Bodies - Mad Solves College Overcrowding Problem
Belly Laughs - Inside Story
Black and White, and Red All Over - Pravda
Let's Get Away from It All - Mad's Summer Vacation Guide
Bob and Ray - The Cold Cereal War
Join in Haste, Repent at Leisure
A Fare to Remember - Coast-To-Coast for $16.75
Key to the City - How to Read a Chamber of Commerce Folder
Andy Griffith - What It Was, Was Football