Mad #4 (Harvey Kurtzman) - Superduperman Issue - 1953

This issue features the classic comic book parody by Kurtzman and Wood.  Comic characters have always served as easy targets for the Mad artists.  Superduperman was also published as the first story in the Nostalgic series which were reprinted with Mad specials in 1972.

The Davis (Flob Was a Slob!) and Severin (Robin Hood!) stories were ordinary, but Will Elder continued the mania with his Shadow! drawings.  Mad readers have always been able to find 8-balls and black bombs in unusual places.  Elder takes the joke to a new level with his 8-ball-bomb. [PSA1]

Lamont has an eight ball-bomb (among others things) waiting for Margo Pain. ("Shadow!" - pages 6 and 7)

Hero Worship - Superduperman (Wood)
Romance - Flob Was a Slob! (Davis)
Hysterical Historical - Robin Hood! (Severin)
Crime - Shadow! (Elder)