Mad #394 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Wes Craven Issue - June 2000

"Wes Craven" was the sixth parody of The Raven by poet Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) to appear in Mad.  The first ("The Raven!") in Mad #9 used Poe's actual words with drawings by zany artist, Will Elder.  The second ("Hip Raven") in Mad #55 was written by uncredited Paul Laikin with drawings by the great Mort Drucker.  Then followed three variations by Mad poet, Frank Jacobs: "Rating" in Mad #111, "Jogger" in Mad #214 and "Reagan" in Mad #265.  Andrew Schwartzberg wrote the tribute to horror-king Craven and Monroe-artist, Bill Wray drew the screamers.  The best drawings in the issue are by Scott Bricher ("Still More Obituaries for Merchandising Characters"). [JAM 12/7/2013]

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I Have a Scream - Wes Craven
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Fold- In - John Rocker