Mad #393 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Charles Schulz Issue - May 2000

Mr. Charles Schulz (1922-2000) drew the Peanuts comic strip from 1947 until his death.  The original title of the strip was L'il Folks.  He was also a fan of Mad.  He was one of many famous cartoonists who contributed to Mad #89 ("Comic Strips They'd Really Like To Do").  For Mad, Schulz drew a simple four-panel strip about a flower and a falling leaf.   Jack Syracuse drew "Final episodes of Peanuts You Never Saw" written by editor Ficarra.  This was the second Mad assignment for Syracuse who recreated the Peanuts characters exactly as Schulz would have drawn them.  The Peanuts gang has been a favorite for Mad parodies.  Artists Will Elder (#24), Wally Wood (#39, #45, #46, #57, #77, #81), Bob Clarke (#60, #88, #107, #126, #128, #148, #160, #194, #214, #253, #279, #280), Jack Rickard (#117, #123, #127, #130, #138, #242), Angelo Torres (#131, #264, #272, #326) and Russ Cooper (#295) have also done Mad parodies of the popular comic strip.  In addition, Mort Drucker found room for the Peanuts gang in many of his movie and television parodies. [JAM 11/25/2013]

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