Mad #39 (Albert Feldstein) - Cowznofski Issue - May 1958

Besides Alfred E. Neuman, no name had been featured in Mad as often as Melvin Cowznofski (with various spellings). Reference to Mel and his extended family peaked in issue No. 39 when a page from the Mad telephone book was reprinted.  The page listed 147 "Cowznofskis" and one "Cowznofsky." [PSA2]

The Assistant Executive button on the shoe-shine boy has a small "N" after the "AE." ("Sneaky Advertisements" - page 38)

The Key to Success - Typewriters to Fit Your Trade
Scramble Them Eggheads - How to Make America's Kids Science Conscious
Memo Randoms - Scratchpad Doodles
Home Is Where the House Is - The Suburbs Are on Their Way Out
Poetry - Woodman, Spare That Tree!
The Bard of Birdland - Shakespeare Up-To-Date
Big Brother Is Motivating You - Sneaky Advertising
Television - TV Scenes We'd Like to See
High "C", Low Neckline - Opera Record Albums
Etaoin Shrdlu - High School Paper
Postage Overdue - Commemorative Stamps
Bob and Ray - Big, Big Earth
Patent Pending - Accidental Inventions
Play's the Thing - Party Games
Opportunity Knocks - Why I Changed My Job
Don Martin - The Window Trimmer
How Now Bow-Wow - Mad Dogs
The Line Is Dizzy - A Page from the Mad Phone Book
Post-Mortem - The Saturday Evening Pest