Mad #38 (Albert Feldstein) - Sputnik Issue - March 1958

Mad's satires and parodies always reflected the news of the day.  Since Russia had recently launched its satellite, it was no coincidence that Sputnik appeared eleven times in Mad No. 38. [PSA2]

College boy has a bandage on his leg from bite on page 27. ("Baby Sitting May Ruin Our Nation" - page 30)

Bumper Crop - Wha' for Sport Cars
Now Johnny Can Read - Mad's Up-To-Date Alphabet Book
Mike Fright - Mike Malice Interviews Mother Goose
The "Eyes" Have Had It - Blood, Guts, a Roscoe and You
Unsung Heroes - Outstanding American, Arthur A. Freen
Ernie Kovacs - Strangely Believe It
Close Cover Before Reading - Crazy Mixed-Up Mismatched Matchbook Covers
R.S.V.P. - Mad Invitations
Likewise, I'm Sure - Nobody Has Fun at Parties
The Patter of Big Feet - Baby Sitting May Ruin Our Nation
Inferior Decoration - Mad Wallpaper
Sick, Sick, Sick - How Neurotic Are You?
Money Talks - Mad Looks at Endorsements
Bob and Ray - The National Bannister Sliding Contests
Television - TV Scenes We'd Like to See
The House That Jerk Built - Bitter Homes and Gardens
Don Martin - In a Field of Daisies