Mad #377 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Dumbest People 1998 Issue - January 1999

This is the first of the "Dumbest People" issues that also included "Events" (Estrogen Rock) and "Things" (Flag-Burning Amendment, Viagra, Tobacco Bill, etc.).  The annual review of dumbness has become a popular feature of the magazine. Future issues focused on people and there are plenty of them to fill 20 slots.  President Clinton deserved to be the first dumb person for his really dumb affair with a White House intern.  This single story spoiled an otherwise excellent presidency.  Ken Starr deserves equal billing with Clinton for his extremely expensive witch hunt.  Most of the other dummies have faded into cultural obscurity except for South Park that has had 237 episodes through 16 seasons.  This show was never about the animation but rather owes its success to the sarcastic but clever dialog as well as its choice of subjects to lampoon.  To their credit, the Mad editors used this dumbfest to conclude with John Ficarra's (under pseudinym "J. Prete") condemnation of "Right-Wing Gay Bashing" which is an issue that resonates to the present day.  Two of the rejected dumbests made their first appearances in Mad: "Y2K" and "Osama Bin Laden".  Y2K was a non-event but OBL made headlines in 2001 and was certainly more deadly than dumb.  [JAM 7/29/2013]

One of my favorite marginals by Sergio Aragones appears on page 15 as the white spy catches the grey spy knitting a black sweater.

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