Mad #376 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Hallmock Issue - December 1998

The Scotts, Maiko and Bricher combined for their first of many parodies for Mad with the eight-page "Hallmock 1998 Holiday Catalog" in full color.  This parody of the Hallmark catalog offers several Christmas ornament ideas that have been overlooked.  What can get you in holiday mood more that tree ornaments of a snowman pimp, two bears in a dumpster and Santa on the toilet?  In addition to these great tree-decorating ideas, the parody gives us Managing Editor Annie Gaines as the "President of the National Cheapskate Ornament Collector's Club."

The other excellent article in the issue is "What If Dilbert Had Different Jobs?" by John Caldwell.  This is quite a departure for Mr. Caldwell  who usually draws rather unattractive characters in uncomfortable situations.  Caldwell is a National Lampoon veteran who brought their edgy style to Mad when NL ran out of ideas.  This is the first time I have seen Caldwell draw in the style of another artist (Scott Adams) but then Dilbert is a fairly simple comic strip.  [JAM 7/22/2013]

Look for "Mel Haney" (early name of the idiot kid) in "Where the $13 Million-Per-Episode E.R. Budget Goes".

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