Mad #375 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Jenny McCarthy Issue - November 1998

Frank Jacobs delivers 26 more obscure personalities in volume two of "The ABCs of 15 Minutes of Fame."  However, he seems to have underestimated the star-power of Jenny McCarthy.  Although her television show was cancelled after 17 episodes in 1998, Ms. McCarthy has made approximately 200 television appearances and has performed in 25 bad movies in the 15 years after her "15 minutes."  And now, the former Playmate of the Year has landed a job as a daytime talk show commentator on the very popular chick-flick-esque The View [Isn't this a great country?] replacing Elizabeth (wrong on every issue) Hasselbeck who has moved over to FOX where she has always belonged.   Although Jacobs was wrong about the fame of Jenny McCarthy, artist Drew Friedman perfectly captured the source of her fame. 

Dick DeBartolo's ad parody ("Uncle Sleeze's House of Beepers and Cell Phones") shows how quickly technology moves in our electronic times.  A 17-pound beeper with a fruit & vegetable blender feature was funny in 1998 but who wears a beeper today?  Al Jaffee brought four other Mad artists (Drucker, Torres, Viviano and Mejia) together for the first of many Mad jokes about the miracle drug, Viagra.  And, too much ink was devoted to an animated series (Dr. Katz) that was cancelled in 2002. [JAM 7/16/2013]

Editors Meglin and Ficarra are scouts from the porno industry. (page 35)

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