Mad #36 (Albert Feldstein) - Corny Island Issue - December 1957

Wood's two-page post card puzzle is the distinguishing feature of Mad No. 36.  Every Wood joke can be found here. [PSA2]

Mad dating technique guy (from No. 32 page 47) snatches tip from table in background. ("Blind Date" - page 18)

Enlightening Rod - Personalized TV Antennas
The Pause That Depresses - TV Movies with Built-In Commercials
Mad Hatter - Mad Hats
Wally Cox - My Frien' Dufo
Hollywood - Scenes We'd Like to See
Two Sides to Every Story - Blind Date
One-Legged Bandit - Parking Meters
Confusement Park - Mad Visits Corny Island
Child Bites Dog - The Nursery News
Bob and Ray - Paul Sturdley's Secret File
Don Martin - Cowboys 'n Indians
U.S. Male - Raw Guts, the Magazine for He-Men
Lights, Camera, Action? - Home Movies
Lead Pan Alley -Bomb Song Hits
Movies - O.K.! Gunfight at the Corral!
Poetry - The Children's Hour
Henry Morgan - The Twelve Bottles
Do Not Feed or Annoy - A Martian Field Guide to U.S. Wild Life